Chairman Message

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation has entered it's 51th year of business, since its inception on 1st October 1964. The corporation has been established under the Road Transport Act 1950 with the objective of providing economic, adequate, punctual and efficient services to the travelling public in the state with 8 Depots and 421 Buses plying 45000 kilometers, carrying 29000 passengers per day. Currently, 4500 buses across 51 depots are plying more than 16 lacs kilometers and carrying more than 9 lac passengers per day.

RSRTC is committed to providing high quality services, consistently and constantly improving the services for the satisfaction of the passengers. To fulfill the commitment, RSRTC has incorporated Ordinary, Express, Deluxe, A.G. Gandhi Rath, A.C., A.C. Sleeper, Volvo-Mercedes, Volvo-Pantry, Volvo-LCD, Volvo-LCD-Pantry bus services in fleet for all category of passengers.

RSRTC is connected to nearby eleven States/Union Territories i.e. MP, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharastra, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir, Delhi and Chandigarh through various type of services like Volvo, A.C., A.G. Sleeper, Deluxe and Express. The Corporation is constantly expanding its services in the villages and develops passenger services / amenities in the remote interiors of Rajasthan.

Considering the size of operation and controlling area, RSRTC has envisaged an ambitious e-Governance program, Integrated Transport Management System (ITMS) to enhance Depot/Zonal/HO working. RSRTC has already executed Electronic Ticket Issuing Machine (ETIM) module of ITMS in all depots and recently  have introduced below mentioned modules :-

1.      State-Wide Online Reservation System (ORS)

2.      Integration of Existing Electronic Ticket Issuing Machine (ETIM) with ORS

3.      Online Management Information System (MIS)

4.      Vehicle Scheduling and Dispatch System

5.      Vehicle Tracking and Passenger Information System

6.      Accounts Computerization through TALLY

The main objectives of this project is to : -

1.      Modernize existing passenger ticketing and seat reservation system

2.      Provide facility of "Anyplace to Anyplace" advance booking at all booking centres which means tickets can be booked  anywhere, any place for forward & return journeys during schedule reservation timings

3.      Provide information to commuters related to Expected Time of Arrival & Departure of Buses

4.      Provide maximum benefits to citizens and RSRTC

Except above, more emphasis has been given on cleanliness of buses, punctuality of the services, and courteous behaviour with passengers, providing accident-free service and safe travel to the passengers. The facilities of toll free no.1800-2000-103 and feedback/complaint registration on website are also available for passengers assistance and grievance redress. RSRTC is committed to fulfill the needs & demands of passengers. I expect co-operation in providing economic, convenient, adequate, punctual and efficient services and assure safe and comfortable journey.