Administrative Rules/Circulars


S.No. Order/Circular No. Date Remarks View  
1 F/P.2/HO/NPIO/SEC/2016/23 14/03/2016 Office Order Related to Appointment of PIO View  
2 HO/DOP/1-C/MIS/2016/220 14/03/2016 Office Order Related to Compassionate Appointment View  
3 STANDING/ORDERS 17/08/1965 Standing Orders of RSRTC Employees View  
4 HO/DOP/1C/F-615(II)/10/590 25/06/2010 Office Order Related to Compassion Appointment Regulations View  
5 HO/DOP/PS/(F-319)/2013/473 14/06/2013 Office Order Related to Recruitment,Promotion Schedule View  
6 SERVICE/REGULATIONS  15/08/1965 Service Regulations of RSRTC Employees View  
7 HO/DOP/2-D/2016/104 16/08/2016 Conductors to ATI Promotion List View  
8 HO/DOP/PRS/F-28/211/397 29/07/2011 Delegation of powers of RSRTC  View  
9 HO/DOP/GEN/16/258 04/10/2016 Office Order Related to No Smocking at RSRTC Bus Stands,Offices and RSRTC Buses View  
10 HO/(167-1)HO/DOP/V.K./16/706 25/10/2016 Instruction Regarding Small Parcel Service View  
11 HO/DOP/ENQ/2016/415 02/10/2016 Office Order Related to Payment to Inquiry Officers  View  
12 HO/DOP/GEN/F21/2016/287 11/11/2016 Office Order Related to Higher Education Regulations  View  
13 F/P.2/HO/RTI/SEC/2016/84 05/12/2016 Office Order Related to Appointment of Appellate Officer  View  
14 CONDUCT OF MEETING REG-1964     1964 RSRTC'S Conduct of Meeting Regulations-1964 View  
15 ROAD T.P. CORP. ACT-1950 04/12/1950 Road Transport Corporation ACT-1950 View  
16 ROAD T.P. CORP. Rules-1964 30/09/ 1964 Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation Rules-1964 View  
17 HO/F-4/LEGAL/2015/793 16/01/2015 legal Rules/Circulars  View