Traffic Rules


S.No. Order/Circular No. Date Remarks View
1 F3/HO/TR./CHE/15/425 04/06/2015 Letter related to Provide First aid kit in RSRTC Buses View
2 F3/HO/TR./CHE/15/462 13/08/2015 Letter related to Driver and Conductor's Uniform View
3 F3/HO/TR./CHE/15/470 01/09/2015 Letter related to Surprise Checking by Officers View
4 F3/HO/TR./CHE/15/472 03/09/2015 Letter related to Checking View
5 F3/HO/TR./CHE/15/493 01/12/2015 Office Order related to TI,ATI's Uniform View
6 F4/HO/TR/FIn/91(A)/2016/261 17/06/2016 Office Order Related to Free Journey to Journalists in Volvo Buses  View
7 F3/HO/ST/IT/75/2016/807 17/10/2016 Office Order Related to Payment Gateway Service View
8 F-4/HO/TR/FIN/(162)/2017/678 23/03/2017 Office Order Related to Fare Change of Jaipur-Delhi Route Super Luxury Buses  View
9 Traffic Rules/Circulars 25/03/1975 Traffic Rules/Circulars View
10 F-4/HO/TR/FIN(9)/2017/746 15/05/2017 Office Order related to Tariff Changes of bus Contract of RSRTC View
11 F-5/HO/ENG/ACCI/17/2967/ 02/08/2017 Importent Guidelines for Travelling in RSRTC Buses View
12 F-4/HO/TR/FIN(105A)/2018/2060 17/04/2018 Office Order Related to Free Travel for Senior Citizens above 80 years age  View
13 F/HO/Stat./estt./4/19/535 23/04/2019 Officer Order regarding Seniority List of Computers  View
14 F/HO/Stat./estt./3/19/537 23/04/2019 Officer Order regarding Seniority List of Assistant Statistical Officers  View
15 F-3(57)/HO/Tr./Ins./19/116 28/06/2019 Officer Order regarding Checking Buses by Chief Manager  View
16 F-3(28)/HO/Tr./Ins./19/117 01/07/2019 Officer Order regarding Effective Inspection  View
17 /HO/Tr./Ins./19/196 16/08/2019 Officer Order regarding Checking of Bus Sarthi's Buses  View
18 F-4/HO/Tr./Acc.(11)/2019/333 04/09/2019 Office Order Related to FLEXIBLE FARE   View
19 F-4/HO/TR/(Acc.-25)/2019/389 03/10/2019 Office Order Related to Booking Agent’  View
20 F-4/HO/Tr./Acc.(162)/2019/405 11/10/2019 Office Order Related to Fare for Volvo Buses on Jaipur-Delhi-Jaipur Route   View
21 F-4/HO/Tr./Acc.(9)/2019/456 22/11/2019 Office Order Related to Tariff Changes of Bus Contract of RSRTC   View
22 /HO/Tr./Ins./2019/346 26/12/2019 Office Order Related to Parcel/Luggage   View
23 F-6/Accident/Tr./2014-2020 Accident Orders Office Order Related Accident from 2014-2020   View
24 F-4/HO/Tr./Acc.(112)/2020/548 04/02/2020 Office Order Related to Awarded Teacher Free in RSRTC   View
25 HO/Tr./Op./2020/165 24/02/2020 Office Order Related to Services for Passengers   View
26 F6/HO/Gen/Tr./2020/915 03/03/2020 Office Order Related to RSRTC Central Control-Room   View
27 HO/Tr./P-2(G)/Cond./20/594 03/03/2020 Office Order Related to Ladies Reservation Seats in RSRTC Buses   View
28 F4/HO/Tr./Acct.(109)/2020/601 06/03/2020 Office Order Related to Free travel for Female Passengers During 'Mahila Divas   View
29 F-66/HO/Tr./Ins./2020/473 12/03/2020 Office Order Related to Intensive Checking of Stepney   View
30 F-1/HO/Tr./S.S./2020/84 18/03/2020 Office Order regarding Advisory by Rajasthan Government for Corona Virus   View
31 F-4/HO/Tr./Accts-(8)/2020/623 18/03/2020 Office Order regarding Stage Carriage Vehicles   View
32 F-4/HO/Tr./Accts-(9)/2020/624 18/03/2020 Office Order regarding Corona Virus   View
33 F-4/HO/Tr./Complaint/2020/1281 19/03/2020 Office Order regarding Ladies Seats   View
34 HO/Tr./Estb./2020/93 21/03/2020 Office Order regarding Lock down in RSRTC  View
35 HO/Tr./S.S/2020/94 23/03/2020 Directions for Head Office, Depot Offices and Depot Workshops in Lock Down  View
36 HO/Tr./Operation/2020/95 23/03/2020 Office Order regarding Central Control Room in Lock down in RSRTC  View