Information Technology in RSRTC

  • One of the highest spenders in implementation of IT
  • One of the most efficient organizations in operations management
Implementation and effective use of IT has helped RSRTC in :
  • Better services to passengers
  • Effective managerial controls
  • Reduction in work load and waiting time at the counters
  • Effective maintenance management of vehicles
  • Faster communication of information for decision support system
  • Reduction of passenger's waiting time for booking journey ticket
  • Better inventory control to check purchase and disposal of material
  • Standardization and simplification

Major Areas of IT Applications :
Functional Area
Name of the Applicant
eTickets System for prime services
Advance & Current Ticket Booking System
Vehicle Maintenance System
Management System
VStores Inventory System
Inventory Management System
MIS - Management Information Systems
PIS- Personnal Information Systems
Computer & IT Cell
Website,E-mail Management and in-house development
Pay Roll System

Platform Used:
Software Used :
Network systems- LAN,RAS
Microsoft Technology
Computerized Vehicle Testing Equipment
Active Server Pages (ASP)
Internet Information Server
Achievements in RSRTC computerization :
  • All Depots are computerized for DDR, MIS and Accounts
  • More then 48 Bus stations are computerized for passenger reservations
  • RSRTC has a complete MIS data monitoring software for the entire Corporation
  • Ticket Purchasing through our Website
  • Wi-Fi enabled internet facility at Sindhi Camp, Jaipur
  • Corporate network and internet facility at every desk

Future plans :
  • Production planning and control
  • Wide area network for onward / return journey tickets for passengers in major cities
  • e-Procurements and Tendering
  • "Any Time Any Where" Ticket Purchasing through our Web site
  • Future Buses to be Conductorless