S.No. Order/Circular No. Date Remarks View
1 ROAD T.P. CORP. ACT-1950 04/12/1950 Road Transport Corporation ACT-1950 View
2 ROAD T.P. CORP. Rules-1964 30/09/ 1964 Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation Rules-1964 View
3 CPF Regulations-1964 1964 RSRTC CPF Regulations 1964 & Revised Regulations 2008 View
4 CONDUCT OF MEETING REG-1964 1964 RSRTC'S Conduct of Meeting Regulations-1964 View
5 Rajasthan State Road Transport workers and workshop employees Standing orders1965 17/08/1965 Standing Order1965 corrected upto 31.12.2023 View
6 SERVICE/REGULATIONS 1965 Service Regulations of RSRTC Employees View
7 Prevention of Ticketless Travel 25/03/1975 Prevention of Ticketless Travel Act-1975 View
8 Pension Rules 1989 RSRTC Pension Rules 1989 View
9 Circulars for Passenger Facilities 19/02/2001 Directions for Tender of Passenger Refreshment on Midway View
10 Rules for Canteen Stalls 23/05/2007 Directions for Canteen Stalls Allotments View
11 HO/DOP/PRS/F-28/211/397 29/07/2011 Delegation of powers of RSRTC View
12 HO/DOP/PS/(F-319)/2013/473 14/06/2016 Directions Related to Recruitment, Promotion Schedule View
13 F-188/EMP/ADM.IMPROVE./2020/112 14/05/2020 Directions Related to Conduct Rule View