Manner of installing High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) on vehicles registered before 01.04.2019 by Transport and Road Safety Department, Government of Rajasthan


(1) Notification of MoRTH:

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India issued notification GSR 1162(E) dated 4th Dec 2018 & SO 6052 dated 6th Dec 2018 for implementation of High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) and color-coded stickers (Third Registration Plate) as part of its initiatives to enhance vehicle security and improve enforcement of traffic rules and regulations from 2019.

(2) Order issued by State Government:

To facilitate the vehicle owners in the state of Rajasthan, the State Govt of Rajasthan has issued order no. 21063 dated 21st Sep 2023 regarding the procedure of installation of HSRP and colour coded sticker on their vehicles registered before 01-04-2019. The Procedure of fitment of HSRP as follows:

(3) The Procedure of fitment of HSRP as follows:

3.1 Fitment of HSRP includes

(i) Registration Number Plate (HSRP)

(ii) Third Registration Plate (color coded stickers)

(iii) Snap locks

3.2 High Security Registration Plate (HSRP):-

HSRP is a specialized, tamper- proof Plate with several security features such as a chromium based hologram a unique laser branded identification number and fixed on the vehicle with non-removable/non-reusable snap locks.

3.3 Third registration Plate (Color Coded stickers):-

The color coded stickers is the self destructive type chromium based hologram stickers affix on the inner side of left hand corner of wind shield of the vehicle.

3.3.1 Color background  of stickers for different fuel types are as below:

(i) Orange background –diesel vehicles

(ii) Light blue background- petrol and CNG vehicles

(iii) Grey background- other than above vehicles.

(iv) Third registration plate  with 1 cm green strip at the top- for BSVI emission norms.




(4) Rates: HSRP Plate with third registration plate & snap locks



S.NO Vehicle Category Maximum Rates with GST+ fitment & convenience charges (in rupees)
1 Two Wheeler                                Rs 425.00
2 Three Wheeler                              Rs 470.00
3 Four Wheeler (LMV) Rs 695.00
4 Medium &Heavy Motor Vehicle Rs 730.00
5 Tractor & Agriculture equipments Rs 495.00


(5). Timelimit for affixing HSRP for registered vehicles before 01-04-2019

        All vehicles       
             Time-limit for affixing HSRP          
1 Vehicles with registration number having last numerical digit  1 or 2    29 February 2024
2 Vehicles with registration number having last numerical digit  3 or  4   31 March 2024
3 Vehicles with registration number having last numerical digit  5 or  6   30 April 2024
4 Vehicles with registration number having last numerical digit  7 or 8   31 May 2024
5 Vehicles with registration number having last numerical digit  9 or  0   30 June 2024


(6) Process for fitment of HSRP- Vehicle owners may book for getting HSRP installed by visiting the Indian Automobile Manufacturers Society's website . After selecting the vehicle manufacturing district and vehicle dealer, the fee for HSRP plate will be paid online and the slot will be booked.

Applicant can go to below portals directly also if it is known which portal to access for booking:-

Apart from online payment, no payment of any kind will be payable.

Provision on software for booking HSRP-

6.1 Selection of service-Click on "Book HSRP"



6.2 Applicant Information – Enter the required information in the prescribed format.



6.3 Selection of vehicle type and vehicle manufacturer – Select the required vehicle manufacturer