Important Order - 2022

File no.



F.6(260)Pari/Tax/Hqrs/2011/3743 16-02-2022 Regarding Amnesty schemes
F.25(92)/Pari/Comp/2020/6077 23-03-2022 Regarding Monitoring Cell for JANKALYAN PORTAL and Departmental Web Portal
F.16(16)(5)Pari/Lekha/Rajasv/egras/2019-20/4204 03-03-2022 Rgarding Cash Collection Counters
F.16(3)PAri/Lekha/Budget/Vividh/Patwarpariksha/2021-22/4677 08-03-2022 Sanction Order for Patwar Exam 2021 for Dausa and Nagaur District
F-17(8)Pari/2020 24-03-2022 Sanction Order For RSRTC
F.16(3)PAri/Lekha/Budget/Vividh/Patwarpariksha/2021-22/6421 28-03-2022 Sanction Order for Patwar Exam 2021 for Churu DistrictF-17(8)Pari/2020
F-17(6)Pari/2020 29-03-2022 Sanction for RSRTC Karoli Bus Stand
F.7(94)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2020/10156 12-05-2022 Instructions regarding vehicles hired on contract basis by state departments/corporations and local bodies.
F.7(51)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2011/12038 30-05-2022 Guidelines regarding compliance of the provisions mentioned in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules and departmental orders for driving license
STA-01/2022/12931 13-06-2022 Determination of conditions for transportation of commercial loads (Merchandise Goods) in stage carriage
passenger vehicles
STA-02/2022/12941 13-06-2022 Determination of conditions for transportation of commercial loads (Merchandise Goods) in contract carriage passenger vehicles
F.7(66)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2020/3089 14-06-2022 Regarding compliance of sub-rule (4) (f) of rule 138 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989
F.6(01)AR/Anu-3/2018/911 17-06-2022 Constitution of Road Safety Special Task Force
F.10(984)/Pari/RS/Sanchalan Samiti/2022/13696 20-06-2022 Administrative and Financial sanction of Rs. 200.00 lakhs for compliance of the requirement of vehicle location tracking device and panic button in public services vehicles (Nirbhaya)
F.7(100)(71)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2013/16658 21-07-2022 Regarding payment of vehicles acquired for REET examination
F.3/Estt/RSBTDA/2015/560 01-08-2022 Regarding designating the officers of Transport and Road Safety Department and Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation
F.23(17)/Pari/PC/scheme/2017/part-I/17736 04-08-2022 Amendment in point no. 9(i) of Rajasthan Motor Vehicle Pollution Check Center Scheme (Online)-2017
F.1(6)(58)/Pari/stha/75/21209 02-09-2022 Work Distrubution order for Member, Regional Transport Authority (MRTA)
F.1(6)(58)/Pari/stha/75/21190 02-09-2022 Work Distrubution order for Secretary, State Transport Authority (STA)
F.1(6)(58)/Pari/stha/75/21200 02-09-2022 Work Distrubution order for Additional Transport Commissioner (Tax) and HSRP Section
F.23(22)Pari/p.c./EV/2019/26056 09-11-2022 Regarding electric vehicle