कार्यालय आदेश-2022






पत्रावली संख्या


1 25-02-2022 Order for Amnesty scheme,2022
एफ.6(260)परि/कर/मु/2011/3742 योजना
2 23-03-2022 Order Regarding Incentive for Electric Vehicles Purchase F.23(22)/Pari/PC/EV/2019/6132 Pollution Control
3 29-03-2022 Regarding amendment in the Office Order 09/2021 dated 04.06.2021 issued in continuation of Fiza-2018 F.7.(53)(FC)/Pari/Rules/HQ/20206733 Rules
4 11-04-2022 Guidelines regarding registration of vintage vehicles F.7(38)/Pari/Rules/HQ/vintagevehicles/2021/7891 Rules
5 27-04-2022 Regional/District Transport Office wise allocation of revenue targets for the financial year 2022-23 F.16(1)/Paril/Lekha/Rajasva Lakshya/2022&23/9127 Accounts
6 10-05-2022 Regarding necessary amendment in office order 34/2004 (amended vide office order 09/2013) F.7(103)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2022/9967 Rules
7 10-05-2022 Clarification regarding the process to be done at the vehicle dealer and office level for the registration of fully built transport and non-transport vehicles F.7(103)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2022/9976 Rules
8 19-05-2022 Allotment of license code for Sub Transport Office F.7(108)/Pari/Rules/HQ/1994/11116 Rules
9 19-05-2022 Regarding registration of vehicles under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 F.7(108)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2010/11108 Rules
10 03-06-2022 To comply with the provisions of rules 104 to 104D of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 F.7(418)(1)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2011/12327 Rules
11 06-06-2022 Regarding full compliance of Internal Inspection Reports, Accountant General Inspection Reports, PAC and CAG Reports F.10(7)/Pari/Lekha/PAC/2017-18/ Accounts
12 23-06-2022 Guidelines regarding registration of battery operated vehicles F.7(103)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2022/14176
13 30-06-2022 Registered vehicles scrapping facility F.7(558)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2021/scrapping policy/14717 Rules
14 06-09-2022 Important Guide Lines for Regulation and Control of Automated Testing Stations F.7(53)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2022/ATS/21222 Rules
15 27-09-2022 Regarding rear seat belt for passenger F.7(66)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2020/Part 2/23304 Rules
16 27-09-2022 regarding vehicle registration F.7(66)/Pari/Rules/HQ/2020/Part 2/23304 Rules
17 24-11-2022 regarding AG matter nodel officer F.20(03)/Pari/lekha/vividh/2019-20/28018 Accounts
18 09-11-2022 For allocation of flying squared in new offices F. 22(248)pari/Enforcement/U.G./2014/Part-1/26190 Enforcement
19 18-11-2022 reagrding sampark portal nodel officer F.1(4)/Pari/estt./2015/Part /27643 establishment
20 18-04-2023 Revised Target of all RTO/DTO. F. 16(1)/Pari/Lekha/rajsaw lakshy/2022-23/6481 Accounts